Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

Roses and Peonies are blooming in Tiny Town.  They are beautiful.  Peonies are my favorite flowers.  They smell so good.  (Of course, there will be none left for Memorial Day.)

I am caught up on grading! Well, temporarily!

The script came in for next Fall's show.  I am months ahead of last year's show already. And that is probably a good thing.  I like jumping in over my head!

This came in the mail on Wednesday.  West Point nephew is graduating.  (What in the heck am I going to call him now?)  My airplane ticket to attend graduation is purchased.  I can't wait for my first trip to the New York area.  His little sister is graduating from high school on Mother's Day, so we are going to a couple of graduations for their family.  They've got lots of big news at their house, but that is for another time.

Friday is just a favorite day of the week:  teachers can wear jeans and there is a weekend around the corner!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Oh I know.....I KNOW......WPG or I'm SURE what he would LIKE you to call him is.......SIR!!
I'm PROUD of my WPC (That would be West Point Cousin!) Have a GRAND Friday my CrAzY CoSuIn!!!

Anonymous said...

Can NOT believe that it has been 4 years already! We are all so proud of little H! Your entire family is going to have a wonderful trip for this milestone and we expect pictures!!! And, Really? ~You're leaving us dangle with that little snipit about "other big news"?????

joyce said...

Fridays are my favourite days too, work in the morning, play bridge in the afternoon and have our card party group friday nights!

Beth said...

We wear jeans on Friday also. It's with the understanding that we wear 'spirit wear' on top ---a t-shirt, sweatshirt,etc. bought from one of the students to earn money for their team. I just bought three t-shirts for this season: baseball, softball, and track.
I love Fridays too!:>)